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Galaxy GUI v2 Coming Soon - Stay Tuned for Details

Frequently Asked Questions

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From : Southern California
OS : Win 8 x64, Android 4.0

PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions June 19th 2008, 3:01 am

I want to stop recieving newsletters

Simply click the profile link on top, go to preferences and select NO for allow newsletters

I would like to change my username

PM an Admin (not moderator) with the name you want and they will change it for you. Remember, once your username
is changed, you must login with it, your old one will not work anymore!

Theres a post breaking the rules!

Simply click the exclamation point button under the post to report it and then a staff member will edit it once
they recieve the report

Can I delete my account?

No, we do not allow users to remove their account and posts. If you absolutely do not wish to remain a member
here anymore, PM an admin and they will deactivate your account for you. You won't be able to login anymore
so make sure you really want to do this!

Why is my HTML code not showing up?

We disabled html on the board by default to prevent any problems which users might cause with certain codes. If
you want to post a code, use the code tags. If you're trying to post images or links, they need to be in
BBCode Format

Another member is bothering me or advertising something by PM

If you are having issues with another member or if someone is advertising to you by PM, contact a staff member
and they will try to sort out the issue for you. Make sure to be descriptive and not just say, hes annoying me.
Include details

I want to change my timezone/signature/avatar or other settings

All of these options are found in the profile link in the main menu. Once you get to your profile, there are
additional links to more options in the top right.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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