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Modding the Vista start button

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I'm New
I'm New

OS : Vista

PostSubject: Modding the Vista start button April 10th 2008, 7:48 pm

Ok for the life of me, I cannot mod and change the vista button. Just for the sake of argument, I've tried to reshack/resedit a few Vista msstyles, and to no avail, the image would not change (resources 872 & 876, right?)

Restorator for some reason, when installed, would mess up my start menu where most of my shortcuts would not run, nor would any .EXEs lol. So that rules out Restorator.

In Resedit, I did edit 872/876 because they were in the Temp folder, but when I try to recompile/save the theme, the new start buttons are retained, but when I re-apply the msstyle, it would go back to the default button rather than the new ones.

Any tips, walkthroughs, help would be really appreciated!

(Did try Resource Tuner as well, alas, that's another trial app and decided to uninstall it too)
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Resident Pixeljunkie
Resident Pixeljunkie

From : Frozen Acres
OS : Buggy XP

PostSubject: Re: Modding the Vista start button May 10th 2008, 12:40 am

I did mine on XP ages ago but didn't remember the whole process.
But this might help...
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Modding the Vista start button

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