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Galaxy GUI v2 Coming Soon - Stay Tuned for Details


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PostSubject: Guidelines December 24th 2007, 5:16 am

Galaxy GUI Guidelines
As of March 29, 2009

Welcome to Galaxy GUI. In order to keep these forums enjoyable and interesting for all of our members, we ask that you follow these minimal rules. By participating in the Discussions, you are consenting to these rules. Violators may be warned, suspended from posting, or banned from the forums or chats, at the sole discretion of the Galaxy GUI staff. The rules will be generally enforced with a three warning system. The offender will be sent a warning for their 1st and 2nd offense, temporarily banned for the 3rd offense, and permanently banned for continued disruption.

General Rules

Do not post sexually explicit, threatening, flaming or privacy infringing content. All found content will be removed immediately and the member who posted it will risk being banned.

Illegal content/talk about illegal content is strictly prohibited on the forums. All found content will be removed and members risk a ban.

The max signature size is 400px by 150px, anything larger may be removed without notice.

Proxies are not allowed on this forum. If you are visiting through a proxy it makes us assume its for no good reason or that you were banned and are trying to view the forums again. Save yourself trouble as we know every proxy you visit with, we can see.

Multiple accounts are not allowed. If you lost your password click the I forgot my password link when logging in and a new one will be sent to your email. If you would like to change your username, contact an admin and they will do it for you.

Avoid posting in all capital letters. It is not only very unprofessional but it gives the impression of yelling and/or anger.

Section Specific Rules

Desktop Screenshots

If your screenshot contains nudity or suggestive images which may not be appropriate to viewers under 13, you must put a NSFW tag or risk a suspension/deletion of the post

Please do not quote screenshots either, remove the [img] tags from the post


All releases must be tagged as following in order to optimize the forums search system:

Wallpaper, [Wallpaper]
Icons or Icon, [Icons], [Icon]
Any themes, [Theme]
Applications, [Application]
Other things, [Other]

Or any other appropriate tag such as [CAD], [Miranda], etc

If a member fails to tag a release more than 2 times they will be warned, then temporarily banned on the 4th time

WIP and Critique

This forum is for work in progress releases only. This is where you can post something you are currently working on to get some critizism on it so you can improve it before the final releases. All threads must also be tagged such as in the releases thread. Any posts that say this sucks or wth is this will be removed. This section is for constructive feedback only.


You may post any off-topic threads and posts in this forum as long as it relates to the thread you are posting in, for example, don't post its sunny today in a thread about what your favorite colors are. Religious topics are not to be posted in here and neither are once that can cause flaming, if they are found they will be removed and the member will be warned. Direct personal attacks and swearing will also be removed.

Exclusive Releases

To access this section, you must have a subscription. All releases in this section are exclusive/highly NFR and may not be shared anywhere else. If you are found to have been sharing, your subscription may be terminated early.

* = The Galaxy GUI staff reserve the right to refuse access to the exclusive releases to anyone

All other sections

Please try to keep images under 700px in width, while larger ones will be automatically resized, they will be hard to see. Try to stay on-topic in all discussions, if you have to say something not related, start a thread in the lounge instead.

Legal Notice and Disclaimers

Although we welcome members under the age of 13, In agreement with COPPA, all members that are under 13 years of age must get the permission of a parent or guardian to join the forum before clicking I agree.

It is impossible for the Galaxy GUI staff to review every post to make sure it complies with the rules, so if you see any post that does not meet the rules, please use the report button to help us keep the forums clean and organized. The report button may be used for anything such as an untagged releases, spam, personal attacks or anything else that breaks the rules.

There is a word censor on it the forums and Galaxy GUI is not responsible for any changed meaning in your posts because of these censors, you are responsible for what you post and don't need to use bad language as members of any age may be visiting the forum.

Account Deletion

We do not delete users accounts or posts if you want to leave the site. If you would like to leave the community, don't log in anymore or PM an administrator asking for your account to be "deactivated".

We hope that your stay at Galaxy GUI is going to be an enjoyable one, have fun browsing the forum and posting!
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